Life after the pandemic begins to reflect on Pinterest through the trending searches

Its been more than a year since the Earth was attacked by the Covid-19 and all life activities seemed to be pause in the pandemic situation. However, now with the vaccination process started and more people getting themselves vaccinated with the Covid-19 Vaccine, a hope for the pandemic to come to an end is finally up. These hopes were reflected by the Pinterest based on user searches that were reflecting people’s view for the post pandemic situation.

According to Pinterest, last year when the pandemic was at its peak, and everything was forced back to home, baking, mindfulness and organizing home became the top trending searches and even broke the record for all time trending searches. However, it seems that now the situation has started to shift otherwise showing a drop in searches related to daily house hold and a rise in searches based on vacations and outfits. Though the peak for searches related to renovating homes began to melt however, across the United States, it still holds the strong spot and does not show any sign of leaving it any sooner.

Similarly, a bounce back was observed by searches related to weddings that were slowed down last year from March to May and once again reached the level recorded before the pandemic started. Pinterest also revealed that vacation based searches are even more higher than they used to be before Covid-19. These vacation based searches reached their peak in March because of the upcoming Spring and Summer season for traveling and even in the current year 2021, the search rate has not stopped to accelerate.

Starting from January to March, the vacation and wedding related searches were at an average of 24% and now , in the same quadrant of the year 2021, the search rate has gone up three times and now rests at 75%. As compared to January and February of 2020, the searches for dream vacation destination are 13% higher this year, similarly luxury vacations jumped up six times and the vacation fashion were found to be almost three times higher.

Since people are now allowed to leave their homes once again ,the fashion trend is also coming back to spotlight as said by Pinterest which stated that the search for word “outfit” is at an all time high with 85% year over year rise in April and 26% in 2021’s first quarter. Going in further depth to the fashion related searches showed that the new generation were more involved in specific searches including zebra pants, neo grunge and plaid pleated skirt to be the top 3 picks.

Similarly searches for accessories such as clay rings, hippie jewelry and nose chain piercing were 303 times, 16 times and eight times high respectively. With accessories comes make-up products and once again the make-up makeover searches were found to be 100 times higher than before with alt makeup at 60 times higher and puppy eyeliner with 30 times higher rate. And lastly, for the parties hosted and to be attended mostly by the famous Gen Z, hence for this purpose, a spike for searches related to party , party life and party food buffet was seen.

According to Pinterest, searches based on home renovation generally goes up every year in January but this year, it was the highest ever recorded with different specific searches with their own search rate but the common factor was that everything that was being searched by the Pinners was at its peak. Lastly, giving a quick detail to some trending searches among Gen Z that were up by 96% year over year. These searches included Travel girl aesthetic, dark academia room, dream vacation destination and cozy room decoration.

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