The upcoming update for Windows 10 will have an improved Bluetooth audio supported with AAC

The upcoming Microsoft’s Windows 10 update will be having some major audio modifications. The new update for the operating system will be out later this year and will be supported by the Advanced Audio Coding, shortly known as AAC, for Bluetooth. This new update for supporting Bluetooth will enable the windows users to have more options available for the Wireless Bluetooth headphone and speakers as well.

Up till now, Windows only supported the Single Board Computer (simply known as SBC) and the Qualcomm owned AptX over Bluetooth, but now since the Advanced Audio Coding support is now available this could help to bring in a much better quality for audio in the range for tech giant Apple’s headphones or through the Apple Music and iTunes for Windows. Previously, Apple was busy hiring new engineers so they can develop a new generation for Windows through Media application and in contrast with this, if Apple manages to get support from AAC, then this will be a key improvement for Music Apps on Apple or even while browsing.

Similarly, Microsoft is also going to improve the ways for how the user selects the input from Bluetooth in Windows 10 to eliminate multiple devices working simultaneously. For many years, Microsoft’s Windows would display multiple profiles for Bluetooth devices either it be headphones or Bluetooth speakers. This would confuse a number of applications by depicting as if multiple devices are available at the moment. This is why, Windows developers are now ready to use the Single Audio endpoint through which the user can switch to the accurate Bluetooth device available automatically. It will depend whether the user is taking calls or just listening to music.

All these changes that Microsoft is planning to bring in for the new Windows 10 update are just some welcoming changes for the proper audio management but still there is more room left for Microsoft to bring in more modification to the operating system. Windows can make things work for multiple control outputs such as the one provided by Eartrumpet which is a third party application that has the potential to replace the system sound icon tray to control headsets or to convert digital to analogue much better than Windows.

One way or another, the upcoming Windows 10 update is going to be an important one. As disclosed by Microsoft itself that it will finally be fixing the problems arising from Windows 10 in which the apps would rearrange whenever the user would proceed from standby mode. The new update will also work on Auto HDR Xbox feature, updated file explorer icons and Linux GUI the developing application.

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