Leaker says Instagram is increasing the collection of stickers by adding a shopping feature soon

There are more than a billion active monthly users on Instagram who post different pictures, videos, reels, and even there are five hundred million people who post different stories on their account every day and what makes the stories more interesting is the key content that can attract more people like you can use stickers such as locations, questions, and music, or GIFs that can be eye-catching. Now Instagram is increasing the collections of its sticker by adding a new “Shopping” sticker which all the users will be able to use as soon as it is rolled out.

Alessandro Paluzzi who is a leaker and mobile developer has tweeted about this latest sticker that can also be a piece of great news for businesses or sellers which can link these latest stickers to their products that they want to sell as there are more than twenty-five million businesses working to this huge platform, they can easily grab more customers simply by putting the stories with the addition of shopping stickers in which they also include the link of details of a specific item, or the shop, so people who are interested in the product can conveniently click and purchase the product.

If you want to add a new shopping sticker while creating your story, simply go to the icon of the sticker at the top side of the mobile screen, where you will be able to find this new sticker whenever it will be launched. Paluzzi has also included screenshots of the latest sticker that shows how it looks. However, users will not be able to choose multiple shopping stickers rather they can select only one sticker at a time. Many other platforms like Twitter, Facebook are promoting the business activities on their platform, maybe this addition looks minor, but somehow this can be a great idea of the platform to increasing the transactions, and popularity of businesses so that they can engage more customers by linking the details of their shop in the upcoming sticker. According to a source, Instagram is converting the product sticker into the shopping sticker that can give a broader perspective. Users will not be able to include the sticker simultaneously with a link and they will have the choice to select only one sticker in the meantime.

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