Instagram Takes Idea from Spotlight to Introduce a Payment Method On Its Platform for Reels

It is common for social media apps to copy a new feature from other platforms once they get famous and create a similar experience for their users. Same thing happened when TikTok had gained immense success, the short video creating application has a user base in millions and is actively enjoyed by so many. Hence, Instagram and Snapchat both came up with their own similar versions of the Chinese behemoth.

Snapchat launched a similar version called Spotlight on its platform while Instagram introduced Reels on theirs and the only difference between these two and the reason Spotlight by Snapchat was getting more popular was because of the fact that Snapchat is also paying a decent amount to the top Spotlight creators, which ultimately help it boost creators engagement on the platform. The tactic seems to working for Snapchat because currently 125 million Snap chatters are on the app every month, and some creators are churning out a big sum of amount from their Spotlight clips.

Instagram was impressed by this smart decision from Snapchat and looks like the tech giant is currently working to introduce a similar payment method on their own application. Mobile developer and the guy known to unreleased features Alessandro Paluzzi discovered this hidden feature on the announcement screen in the back-end code of the app.

This new program on the platform will be focused on Reels, according to the points mentioned in the screenshot of Paluzzi, the program would allow creators to earn bonuses from Facebook-owned platform when they share new Reels and creators, apparently, will have to cross a certain bonus thresholds in order to withdraw what they've earned.

While it is not known as of yet that users will be paid though cash on this application but this feature sure looks like the one launched by Snapchat.

This was obvious that Facebook will introduce and try to promote a similar looking feature like TikTok because of Facebook’s past of copying something effective and popular launched by other platforms over the last five years and in case of TikTok Facebook has tried to copy and outdo themselves a lot of times.

First was when Facebook launched its first TikTok clone called 'Lasso' in 2018, and planned on introducing in several places where TikTok had not gained popularity however Lasso was soon brought down. Other than this, Facebook played a direct assault on TikTok by launching Reels in the Indian region within weeks after TikTok was banned in India. Which implies that all of these Facebook's attempts have been made with TikTok's growth in mind, as Facebook appears to be not enjoying the viralness of China-based app. However, Facebook's most notorious attack on TikTok is actually rarely brought into the spotlight publicly.

It happened when the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg held a secret dinner with Donald Trump the former president of the United States where he is expected to have convinced him that the growth of the Chinese built application in the US is a threat to the country. Soon after this, Trump banned the application within the region.

Looks like Facebook is taking full advantage for having a large users base, by replicating every single feature that works on other platforms.

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