Instagram tests a new feature that will save a lot of time and effort of content creators and business owners during communication

Instagram is one of the top most used social media app out there. Not a day passes when we not look at the social media site at least once, it has formed an integral part in to our daily routines and people all over the world cannot simply live without it. The social media giant was launched in October of 2010 and was bought by Facebook in April of 2012. The app has a large user base and does a lot to help in social issues all around the world as well.

Instagram comes up with updates, with only few of its own. Most of the updates which we see on the platform have basically been seen before on other social media platforms, but the thing is that Instagram implements them on their platform with a much better version of it. Recently, in the beginning of April, Instagram announced that they have added a new ‘remix’ option to the Reels feature. This will basically allow creators to make reaction videos to the previously existing public Reels. This feature might sound familiar as we see and use it (guilty as charged) on TikTok. Snapchat is to test this feature as well. On public accounts this feature has been enabled by default but those accounts can disable it whenever they like. Another popular feature on the gram has been the ability to see your following and with which accounts we interact the most with. There are now some additions on the following list, categories named ‘least interacted with’, ‘most shown in feed’ and a small two way arrow icon that will allow you to sort out your following list by ‘earliest followed’ and ‘latest followed’.

Alessandro Paluzzi who is quite known for breaking social media news on Twitter recently posted that Instagram is actually working onto show the draft message in the conversations list. This means that if you created a message to send later to someone, the message will first turn into a draft for it get saved if you decide to send later. Sometimes an important message does not get sent due to the internet connection being down or the server not working properly. This will allow you to save your messages through draft if you want to send it out later.

This feature will work the best for business owners and content creators whose livelihood depends mainly on these large social media platforms.

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