Google Is Testing Yet Another Feature Which Is Trending Searches On Discover Feed but Will They Make It Public Officially?

Google is one of the greatest and definitely the most used search engine which holds the answers to a lot of queries just a type and click away. The tech giant understands that it has a following of millions and a lot people depend on it for seeking their answers and simply catching up on the latest news and therefore it works hard day in and out to make sure that it always provides the best it has to offer to its users and hence keeps on testing for new tools and upgrades.

Recently, Jason Mandragona, the SEO manager at CNBC, discovered that Google is testing trending searches in the Google Discover feed and posted a screenshot of his discovery on his Twitter account.

Jason said that this is the first time he has seen something like this on his Google Discover Feed and considering how this feature was not present before on iOS devices, it seems like Google is testing yet another feature from its long list of options they can possibly include.

Jason further elaborated the feature and explained what it does and how it can come in use. According to him, when a user clicks on a search phrase in the trending searches box it will lead them to related searches on Google for that terms.

This new feature in Google Discover will help people be updated about what searches are at the top and what is trending on number 1 and what people have searched the most on Google during that time frame and tapping on the trending search on Discover will easily lead them to the searches which they want to know about.

This feature by Google is one way to gain more search query volume out of a feature that requires zero search and makes the search engine more easy to use for the public.

The feature has is not available to everyone because currently it us under testing conditions and if the company thinks it will make a good impression on the public will it release it officially.

Google is always testing and updating new tools and features on its search engines. The basic purpose of testing is to check what the public likes and what it does not. What the public does not give a positive response towards it then deleted off from the search engine.

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