A new menu option is all set to roll out on the desktop version of Facebook

The social media giant, Facebook announced a redesign for Desktop users at its annual developers conference. The announcement was made by the Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg. Since that announcement was made officially, many changes have been brought in for desktop version. The recent change, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, which the media giant company is planning to bring in is the new Menu option on desktop through which the user can have a direct access to their Campus, Events, Friends, Groups pages and even to the news feed as well.

Previously in January 2020, the new out look was released for desktop users that was loaded with tabs along with a compressed view and tabs at the top of the screen. This was a new layout and was not made available to everyone, only limited set of people were selected for this trial version and were asked for their feedback as well so positive improvement could be made possible. This is why it seemed so odd that even after the announcement was made the implementation for the new layout took such a long time.

After a successful trial with basic changes, the new interface was then opened up to a more broader group. No major change was introduced and no cool feature was added that could ease things up for the user however, Facebook is aiming to improve navigation to make it more like the mobile app version so while switching, the user won’t face difficulty. Later in March 2020, a new layout was introduced that would gave a more quick access to some of the major features on Facebook. This new updated layout had larger fonts and more sleeker icons with dark mode supported and a simple layout with columns. The Facebook stories have been shifted at the top, above the Status box and just at the top of stories an upgraded menu bar has been placed hosting different tabs including the marketplace and events. The most important change in that version was the new tab named “groups” available on the menu bar. By tapping on this tab, a more personalized news feed will be opened with the updates of group the user is a member of and will also be receiving suggestions of similar groups based on user’s interest.

And now in year 2021, after finishing the trial period, Facebook is all set to introduce some new menu option on its desktop version that will make things more accessible for the users.

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