Telegram’s Latest Android Update Will Bring a Variety of New Features Which Will Go Live Once Google Play Reviews It

Telegram is an instant messaging service which provides end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing and several other features. The platform like all others updates offers new features and tools in its app to make the space more attractive to users in order to bring more audience to its platform as well as to make the space a user friendly one for the users.

Telegram has announced a list of new features this week along with its update and safe to say all the features look really promising and will be available in both mobile apps and on desktop and web users.

The top feature that is the talk of many in Telegram is the Payments 2.0 which allows merchants to accept the transferred payments and tips that are sent to them directly in the chat on any of the Telegram apps through several payment providers. Merchants can take advantage of this using the Payment API.

According to Telegram they do not take any commission through this nor do they store any payment information with them.

The application is also introducing a voice chat feature through which users can schedule a voice chat in which various users can participate. This feature will also show countdown to the interested parties, allow for voice chat reminders, and a way to view mini profiles of folks participating in a voice chat.

The next feature will allow you to zoom into a picture without you having to tap on it and then zoom in because now you can simply pinch-to-zoom on photos directly. Pinching out on the image in chat will exit the zoom in mode.

The video player on the platform has been updated with better controls for fast-forwarding or rewinding. To access this option all you will have to do is press and hold the right or left side of the screen to move video in either direction and you can also double tap on the video to move it 10 seconds forward or backward.

In Android phones, the Telegram has built in better animations for chats and when opening the side menu and while they aren’t very different from their previous updates the improvements are still slightly noticeable.

Another feature which the company is introducing is two new web clients today called “Web K” and “Web Z.” There are two web clients because the company claims that both of them are different from each other and are fully featured.

However, if you are an active Telegram user one thing you must be wondering is why the feature are not visible to you. This is because the features have o gone live yet. Telegram says that it has pushed the features to Google Play but is waiting has responded that currently it is experiencing longer than usual review times due to adjusted work schedules and therefore the feature may take some time before you see them on your Telegram account.

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