Google Photos introduces a new feature ahead of making changes to the unlimited backup storage

Google has decided to stop the supply of endless storage for Google Photos service and people cannot be more heartbroken.

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been blessed with unlimited Google storage. But as the world moves forward, one must work for their bread and butter and find more ways to generate revenue. This has become a matter of great grief as users would not be able to store unlimited pictures in this cloud storage platform. It has been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember and the change surely has distressed a lot of people.

How would people store pictures now? The allowed free storage is a mere 15GB and if someone wants to access more than that, of course, they'll have to pay. However, the good news is that 100 GB barely costs $1.99 a month, so if you have the money, it is a pretty good bargain.

The only users that will stay unaffected are the Google Pixel owners that will have access to unlimited storage as Google is indeed a company of its word and would stick to its promise of providing unlimited storage to Pixel smartphone owners. These users have another trump card, they get to use full-quality pictures while for us mediocre users, even the high-quality option will be renamed to storage-saver as high-quality pictures work against the favor of us freeloaders.

Another notice for the Pixel owners, the original Pixel owners will get unlimited backups for good. The Pixel 2 lineup has the advantage up to January 16th, 2021 while the Pixel 3 lineup will get them till January 1st, 2022. It is to be noted that all of them will get unlimited storage saver backups forever.

Google does promise to make things easier for users and has been living off that oath of efficiency hence the addition of tools to optimize ease is not surprising at all. The app is now designed to act like the worried mom that picks up after her babies. Google photos will pick out all blurry pictures or pictures with the least relevance to help you save space. Of course, you'll be given the option to review them before deleting them. The deleting too is your call which will help save a lot of cloud storage and prevent you from spending all those extra bucks.

Since this bomb was not at all called for, Google is being as lenient as it can be. The megacorp decided to launch its new policy from 1st June, giving us plenty of time to get notified and upload as much as possible. Yes, you read right, you can upload as much stuff as you want before 1st June, all of which will not be accounted for once the policy applies. So you might want to get the app working right now!

Apart from the ‘storage saver’ name renewal, Google will also feature new options like an estimate of your storage capacity and storage buying alternatives.

Google and its new feature, the elimination of unlimited backups, did come as a rather heartbreaking surprise however, the question is whether people will keep using the cloud or redirect their interests?

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