Google Is Stepping Up Its Game and Launching Its News Showcase on The Desktop as Well

Google has always managed to bring quality content to its users and the tech giant is working towards something bigger as well. The tech giant had introduced a feature on iOS and Android to bring authentic and sourced news to its users by launching a platform called Google News Showcase.

Google News Showcase is a one-billion-dollar platform introduced by Google which has a collection of newsrooms to bring authentic news which provides good and meaningful insights of news content to users. This way the platform will give publishers a space to write meaningful and authentic content which readers can read and this will eventually form a good relationship between the two.

The tech giant is now stepping up its game. Previously the platform was limited to Android and iOS versions only but now the company is moving this platform on desktops as well so that a wider range of audience can benefit from this initiative.

On the desktops versions, users will have sightings of the news showcase panels containing the Top stories below the usual headlines. News sources that will be visible here for the users are suggested and can be managed according to what users prefer reading more. An update in this format will also give users the allowance to have liked bullets in the cards.

Right below the top stories panel users on the desktop will be able to view carousels that are trending with the latest news from both, the publishers that you follow or that you might be interested reading of. The tech giant on the desktop version has also introduced features which gives you the accessibility to explore content from different publishers within your region and check what else suits your taste.

Another feature that Google has added is that the company will be providing a section on the participating publishers homepage which will display their written news content on the Google News platform. According to the company, this is for users “who want to dive in deeper” and the tech giant has cleared that neither the publisher nor the viewer has to do anything extra to view all these features, they can normally head to the Google News as they used to.

Google has announced that their Google Showcase News Platform is doing exceptionally well and has provided the stats that almost 10 million viewers click on read full article to read the full content monthly and also that the follow button for publishers has been tapped over almost 460,000 times which is a great news for such a budding platform.

The platform is currently available in only eight countries namely UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Czech, and India and will soon be making its way to other regions. Apart from this, it is already live on Google Discover and News Mobile Apps.

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