Study reveals that most consumers in the UK and US trust reviewing platforms, including Yelp, TrustPilot and Google Reviews

Have you ever thought of making a big purchase online but decided to go to review sites so that you can see what other people think about the product? Well if you are a person that likes to buy stuff online then your answer is probably ‘yes’. Even since the business for ecommerce sites boomed, a whole lot of review sites came into existence, now review sites have become really important for people that shop online, be it books, clothes, mobile phones or any other thing, people like to read reviews before they make a purchase, so that they know they are making a good purchase. The ability to read the reviews of so many people before buying a product is an advantage that online shopping has over traditional way of shopping.

Nowadays customer reviews on these review sites can easily destroy a business or take a small business and make it big in a few days, which is why review sites have become so important, these sites have given customers a voice, making companies give them the best product and experience. A new survey of crowd-sourced reviewing platforms reveals the true power of sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews and Trust pilot.

The data revealed that majority of consumers in the United States which include 54% adults trust review sites like these while only 21% think that they are not that reliable, In the United Kingdom the results are pretty much the same, where 53% of the customers said that they have confidence in these review sites while only 18% said that they don’t trust these sites.

Younger people which are usually more inclined towards technology than older people are more likely to trust sites like these. About 66% of young people in the US trust these sites while in the UK about 86% of young people trust these sites.

However, a big amount of people still have not made up their mind on whether or not to trust these sites, with 24% in the US and 22% in the UK still unsure about these sites being reliable.

When it comes to food Americans are twice more likely than the Brits to trust these sites, around 41% of Americans turn to food critique sites to decide where to eat while only 22% of the Brits do so, it is nearly the same case with the movies where one in five American watch movies based on its IMDB or rotten tomatoes rating while one in 10 Brits does the same.

As the COVID-19 vaccine allows people to travel, between 14% to 16% of Brits and Americans have turned to sites like Trip Advisors and for holiday planning.

As online shopping and internet use increased after the COVID 19, consumers have become more dependent on review sites like these. Data also shows that around 78% Americans and 79% Brits find these sites to be very useful.

With this data we can surely predict that online review sites are the future of online shopping and the value of such sites will increase in the future.

H/T: YouGov.

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