Google Assistant is not activated through the power button by default in the upcoming Android 12

The tech giant, Google shared its plan of bring in a radical design change with its Material You. However, it will not hold itself at the visual interface. According to the announcement made by the company on its annual Google Input Output, commonly referred as Google I/O, Developers Conference, the upcoming Android 12 will be remodeling the power button in a way where the users of other devices are already familiar with.

Currently on Android 11, the Google Home and Google Pay Home Controls, which is used by a long press of the power button. For Android 12, these controls will be present in the quick settings menu.

This new upcoming change could be debatable as previously it was not appreciated by the users when Samsung introduced this change at the first place. Other tech giant, Apple is also famous for doing the same thing on its iPhone and iPad. A long press on the power button of these devices launches the Siri Assistant.

This Power Button Assistant feature is already out in the first beta version of Android 12. It was released right after the keynotes were out from the I/O conference. However, it did left everyone surprised as this feature has been disabled by default and can be found in the settings menu through System> Gestures > power menu. When the phone is booted up for the first time, the Hold for Assistant toggle is kept disabled.

The question arises that if a new feature has been explained in Google’s keynotes, then why is it kept disabled? The answer to this question is simply that the feature is not fully ready yet. If the user decides to activate the toggle in the released Beta version, a long press of the power button will activate Google Assistant’s voice listener window, however the drawback is that the user will not be able to access the option to switch off, reboot or contact an emergency service through their mobile phone at this time.

Hence, if the toggle in enabled, then the only way to switch off the phone is to keep holding the power button till it triggers the hard power cycle. There is a possibility that this limitation will be fixed by the developers in the ongoing development process.

H/T: 9to5G.

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