Google wants you to shop more online by reminding previously searched products in Chrome browser

Google revealed open cart notifications for shopping in Chrome at Google I/O. It helps people to keep control of the open shopping bags in the browser rather than needing to keep the websites opened forever. However, the company has added some more shopping features worth mentioning such as the ability to link the payment services to the Google account, allowing users to see the great offers real quick.

The cart function is located on the Chrome's new tab page, but it is luckily enclosed by default. In order to visualize the cart, scroll down to the bottom of new tab page and you'll notice a big scrolling card which will be there consisting websites and product samples. The items will be based on the shopping history of a person. However, it appears that the functionality is only restricted to the browser's desktop edition.

It will allow people to keep less tabs open. Hopefully, it will not compel people to buy things that they have decided not to buy. While assessing rates, Google will consider refunds and discount codes from selected discount services. Google stated that they would let people connect with their preferred special offers from retailers like Sephora to the Google account to bring the best pricing options available.

Once the discount code is applied, the prices from retailers in Google shopping will be seen refunded. It will actually makes it convenient to have the best price at a look rather than needing to open each store individually. Some retailers require customers to tap throughout the cart prior to adding coupons, which may be a blessing in disguise for those looking to save a few dollars. Google still has to reveal which sellers it has collaborated with, but it might be possible that Sephora will be the only one.

On the other side, Google Lens is having a makeover as well. When Google lens is used in Google photos to scan pictures, both authentic research and shopping results were displayed for products like clothes, accessories, technology, and more, rendering it simple to pinpoint the suitable product that inspired customers.

The shopping graph is a feature of AI improved functionality that lets Google display great deals and reviews to the customers. The Shopping Graph is an evolving, AI-enhanced system that recognizes a continuously changing collection of goods, retailers, manufacturers, ratings, and, most significantly, the product details and stock data that obtain exclusively from brands and retailers. Along with these, the comparison between these features will also be provided.

Google Chrome for Android also allows users to monitor prices on websites they have available, which is yet another part of Google's shopping mystery.

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