Facebook’s Head of Global Recruiting Reveals Her Favorite Go-To Interview Question and How One Must Answer It!

With more than 20 years of hiring experience and serving as an executive in the best companies around the world, Facebook’s Head of Global Recruiting Miranda Kalinowski is here to enlighten you about what it takes to secure your dream job.

For those of you who don’t know her, Miranda joined Facebook in 2004. Prior to that, she has worked with PwC for three years and Accenture for 16 years while making both the companies grow and expand their staff as a recruiter.

After interviewing hundreds of people throughout her career, she has revealed her one go-to interview question which she has asked from every candidate to check if he or she will be a good fit for the team or not.

During her interview with CNBC, Miranda told that she is essentially interested to know the strengths of any individual applying for the job. So, she begins with this question:

‘On your very best day, that day that you went home and you were air-punching thinking that was the best day ever, what did you do?’

This open-ended question helps her to get into the mind of the interviewee and makes it easier for her to know the things that motivate people and what are the strengths of an individual while also knowing the projects which potential employees may have completed on their best days at work.

As Facebook is a strength-based organization, Miranda then aims to look for things, on behalf of the company, that people do while they may be losing track of time because of being so much into the work.

As without any doubt, there is no right way to answer this subjective question, Kalinowski still expects potential employees to tell her about the skills they possess and qualities that the company can take advantage of along with being a standout candidate. So, precisely the strengths should align with the core mission of Facebook and it must include the motivation to create new things and build more active communities on the platform.

In addition to that, Miranda also looks for diversity, new perspectives, and builders. This doesn’t mean that you have to be an engineer or a product designer. You can also be a financial analyst or manager but with the love to create new things and figuring out ways to improve the existing processes, products, or teams as well.

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H/T: CNBC Make It.

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