Creators On TikTok Can Now Boost Their Videos by Purchasing TikTok Coins

All platforms in the social media world have helped creators on their platform to increase a good amount of revenue through their posts as well as help the creators posts to reach a desired number of audience. In order to fulfill this the platforms launch features and tools which help their creators increase their growth and are also working towards more features that will help their creators’ community.

Facebook and Instagram have offered a sponsoring feature for some time now where by paying a specific amount of money businesses and creators could boost a specific post of them to a desired number of targeted audience. This in turns increases user reach and showcases their media to a lot more audience. This feature has always proven to be great for creators and businesses on both the applications and has been liked by the public as well.

TikTok realized it did not have such a feature on its platform and hence launched a similar feature to help creators on its platform as well to increase their views and growth. The tech giant has now launched a feature which will allow users and creators on their platform to boost their videos in order to gain more views, link clicks, or followers. This will help creators on the application to present their videos to a larger audience and if it when reaches viewers who do not follow them and they like their content can follow them then.

However, the thing is that where how Facebook and Instagram asks users to pay a specific amount for boosting their post TikTok has come up with a different strategy. The company announced that those users who want to boost their videos on TikTok will have to buy TikTok coins. TikTok coins can be bought by paying real money. Currently, 100 Coins cost $0.99 USD and you can buy them in varying amounts up to 10,000 coins at a time.

By buying the coins’ users can put up their post to boost and in turn gain more followers. However, while this feature has only been announced for boosting of post, people have speculations that there are chances that it may also be announced for non-stream tips & in-app games

However, no such thig about these two features have been said as of yet by the company. TikTok is a great platform and it has managed to achieve and list itself number one in the short span of time since its launch. The tech giant has always launched great features and we are sure it still has a lot in its bag to offer to its public.

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