Facebook Plans On Launching an AI which Will Sort Your Data Based On How Relevant It Is

Computers have always been great at storing your important data for a long long time. Even if it is irrelevant it will store it and will not delete it until you ask it to or until it memory wipes out due to a virus or some other reason. However, a user wanting to feed more and more information into a computer means that AI systems must expend more and more finite computing resources to handle it.

But, the work will be made easier for AI systems now, or will it?

Wondering how?

Facebook researchers hope to help future AIs pay better attention by giving data an expiration date. According to Facebook, the company will be launching a feature called “Expire Scan.” This new feature will help the neural information processing of an AI to sort information depending on how relevant they are and which are most pertinent to their assigned tasks.

Expire Scans detects first that which piece of information will be the most useful one in a required context and then based on the data it analyzes gives that information an expiry date. The most important data are given an expiry date of a very long time while the data it considers irrelevant for that context maybe deleted off in the near time. This way the neural networks will be able to retain pertinent information longer while continually clearing memory space by “forgetting” irrelevant data points.

Once a new data is added in respective category the system is said to add an expiration date not only to the added piece of information but will reevaluate the expiration dates of all the related content within the category. This will help AI learn to use the memory available more effectively, which leads to better scalability.

Previously in order to make space for the new data the previous irrelevant and less useful data was compressed so that it takes less space. However, those efforts came up short as the compression process results in “blurry versions” of the information.

What we believe is that this Expiry Scan will not delete your data itself but on its date of expiry will show you a notification that you have a respective file stored which has not been used in a long time and will ask if you want to send it to the recycle bin. However, that is only what we think and the real answers will come near the launch of this feature.

When will this feature be released cannot be said as of yet because Facebook has just called out an idea it has and no work has been done on this feature yet.

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