Facebook Introduces a New Feature Which Will Ensure If You Have Read an Article Before Clicking On Share

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms with a huge audience attached to it. The tech giant considers how many people rely on it as a means of socializing and sharing things online and therefore makes sure it brings about features and tools which makes the user experience online even better. The tech giant has recently announced a new feature on its platform which is something similar to that on Twitter.

According to Facebook, they will send a pop up to users when they will be sharing an article they have not opened or read yet and encourage the user to read the article first before sharing. However, it solely depends on the user if they want to agree to this and can simply share it without reading it and carry on with their scrolling on the platform.

A similar feature is also present on Twitter which it launched in June 2020.

However, on Twitter sometimes the implementation of this feature is considered annoying by a large number of the users because most of the times they have read the article somewhere else before and want to share it on their Twitter feed and the platform asks them to read the article.

However, Facebook provided an explanation as to why this feature is very important and why users should always read an article completely before they decide to share it.

According to Facebook the pop up that encourages people to read an article before sharing is because it wants users to be more informed about the articles and information they are sharing forward because it is likely as an attempt to combat the spread of misinformation the platform has struggled with in the past.

The tech giant believes sharing an article just by reading its headline can sometimes make users miss the actual context of the article and the key words that are present in the article and at times users can share the article by reading the topic thinking the article contains something else while it may not contain what you are thinking. Hence the tech giant believes it is a very important step to impose so that the users share stuff online knowing what information they are spreading forward.

We believe this is a great feature that is imposed by Twitter and now Facebook because misinformation can easily be spread online and that too rather quickly and therefore it is important to read what you are sharing.

The feature will roll out as a test first and will be rolled out to 6 percent of Android users worldwide.

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