A Facebook oversight board member believes that the social network is enforcing excessive power in deciding whether to put an indefinite ban on the former president of the US

On 6th January 2021, Facebook imposed the hardest restrictions on the account of Former President of the US, Donald Trump because he instigated his supporters to downpour the US Capitol in Washington to invalidate his election loss. Facebook shortly suspended the account of Donald Trump from posting on its platform and deleted some of his posts. Now the company is to decide whether to put a permanent ban on the account of Donald Trump. However, Michael McConnel, the Co-Chair of Facebook’s oversight board said that the company is exerting too much power as it decides whether to put an indefinite ban on Trump’s account.

The independent review board of Facebook said that it is agreed with the decision to put a temporary ban on the account of Trump, but after the decision of Facebook to put a permanent ban is standard-less and undetermined, therefore, Facebook needs to take a look again to its decision within 6 months. McConnel said in an interview that the post of Trump to downpour the US Capitol was absolutely the defilement of the rules of Facebook against praising hazardous persons and organizations at the time of violence because Facebook does not allow anyone to unfairly use this platform to escalate violence in the society.

During the revolt, a gang of Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol to upset the accreditation of Joe Biden’s winning over Trump in the 2020 elections. Trump has challenged the integrity of elections for months without any solid evidence and he remained quiet on social media as the attack revealed. He wrote on social media platforms about the revolts that to go home and you are so special means he praised those who were involved in the attacks. Because of this violence and the compliments that he gave to the revolts, that was the absolute breach of the policies of social media platforms, therefore, Twitter permanently banned the account of Trump and he also got suspended temporarily on Facebook.

McConnell said that similar rules should be imposed on Trump that impose on everyone else and Facebook is trying to take him down. The board is trying to bring the rules of first revision into the decision of banning the account of Trump. The oversight board considers the indefinite ban without providing a strong reason is not appropriate on the platform. He further added that Facebook needs to review its decision before making the final one because these rules are dumps. McConnell gave his point of view that the rules of content moderation of Facebook are not strong enough and they are vague, however, the board has given some suggestions to the platform to improve its regulations.

Facebook is imposing too much power and it is the duty of the board to bring some specialties to that process. When Facebook introduced this oversight board to review the decisions of the platform regarding content moderation, Facebook considers this board as its Supreme Court. The company has a final judgment to made whether every rule will be imposed on this specific post in question or whether it will serve as a standard for the related content.

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
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