Facebook Introduces Livestream Shopping Sessions, To Help Shoppers In Discovering The Best Products, And Brands To Build Relationships With Customers

Facebook is launching a "Live Shopping Fridays" series, providing an extension of livestream e-commerce on the platform.

The trends of online shopping and e-commerce have not just become an integral part of consumerism over the past decade. They're also projected to become the face of it in the not too distant future. At first glance, it's rather easy to surmise why. Online shopping's easy to do, since it's at the comfort of your home. Users have the ability to go through multiple catalogues and "aisles", if you will, with the flick of a finger here or there. Brands have caught on to the perceived benefits of the e-commerce scene and have gone on to establish very intricately designed websites and other such online platforms that allow users to purchase their products. The likes of applications such as Steam mean users no longer have to go out to purchase games. To top it off, a majority of the unaccustomed world had to get used to online shopping, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Online ordering for food deliveries itself has taken everyone by storm. It's an e-commerce game, and the world's here to play.

Integrating the likes of live streaming and other such interactivity into online shopping isn't really a novel idea. Snapchat itself did interactive AR shopping sessions on the platform, relying on branded clothing that users could virtually try on before purchasing. The likes of TikTok and Instagram are setting up dedicated online markets for influencers on the platform to sell their own branded content. TikTok, in fact, even conducted an identical one-off livestream buying session in collaboration with Walmart. So, yes, while Facebook's idea may be a fun twist on the entire online shopping craze, it's not exactly the first in line.

Starting from this week's Friday, the 19th, and onwards 'til the 16th of July, Facebook will be hosting livestream sessions for beauty and fashion brands. The likes of Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Clinique have signed on as names attached. The idea is, as explained by a statement by the social media, to allow users an easy way of both discovering new products and asking questions about them on the spot. For brands, it's advertised as a way of connecting with their core audience by answering their queries and interacting with them as a whole.

Overall, the e-commerce market definitely seems to be here to stay. Therefore, there's not many ways Live Shopping Fridays as an idea could go wrong.

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