All the social media giants are transforming into creator-centric companies

All the social media giants are in some way bringing in similar features. Most of these platforms are offering ways through which their creators can make money. These features includes tipping the creators, by funding them or by sharing their programs for revenue.

Most of these companies are now copying each other and putting in an effort through which they can court creators from different platforms.

Every platform hosts different kind of creators such as Twitch hosts those who can create live gaming videos while Substack creators are writers. LinkedIn is responsible for sharing subscription revenue with other online courses instructors. And the mega video sharing hub, YouTube, is famous for sharing ads revenue with everyone either they be casual vlogger or cooking pro.

In the beginning, all these platforms used to focus on creative ways to deliver something different to their audience but now, they all have similar features and differentiate themselves from others based on different values and philosophies.

10 years ago, Instagram was launched as a photo sharing platform for emerging artists and designers but now, it a multimedia platform and holds almost everything from hosting a live video session to shopping and to help online businesses with selling their ideas and goods. On the other hand, Snapchat was created as an application for private messages between close friends but now its holds professionally curated content, maps and games to help these close friends in developing deeper relationships. And now with Spotlight, it can use it to help it’s creators in making money.

The microblogging and social network service, Twitter, was developed as public platform for sharing ideas, but with passing years, it evolved and made it easy to share videos, images and audios to help these users in discussing current event.

As all these social media platforms keeps adapting similar features, it can be expected that they will emphasize how the core values will shape their own versions of these features.

H/T: Axios.

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