50 pilot audio shows will be funded by Clubhouse to support creators

The new emerging iOS app, Clubhouse, a new social network based on audio only chat has decided to fund around 50 audio programs that are being made by the creators available on its platform. The main concept behind these selected shows holds everything due to their wide variety including a series of interview with Taryn Southern to a game show named as the Serial Killer Speed Dating, to a show discussing different cultures of hairstyles.

These creators will be given $5000 per month and the amount will remain the same for three months. Not only this but the gears and creative support will also be provided to help the show creators with their respective series. The goal behind funding these creators is to develop and to pilot these shows for the next three months. So if the show takes off then there will be a possibility that the Clubhouse will sign the shows for a longer period of time.

According to Clubhouse, the platform will not be taking the ownership of any show or content that will be presented by the creators and the platform’s goal is to make sure that these creators enjoy themselves with complete control including the ownership of the output of their creative shows. Since the Clubhouse application is not so old so this is the first round for creators to get benefit from the application’s accelerator program which wants to help and support the new voices with resources and tools so they can unlock the creativity they hold inside of them on this platform.

This accelerator program was announced by Clubhouse back in March before the first official anniversary of this application. The popularity within the Silicon Valley risk taking crowd has paved a way to a much larger amount for early buzz across the service which is disproportionate with respect to its mainstream fame. This can also be proved with this example as currently, the user requires an invitation to sign-up for this application and this service is not even available for Android users as well but still this app has been valued at $4 billion.

Many well established tech companies in response to the Clubhouse has shared their plans to introduce similar audio only social features in their own services. Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Spotify, Discord and LinkedIn, all of them has showed their interests in bringing up similar Clubhouse like features. This will also bring in competition for Clubhouse and the application will be relying on the quality of the content available on this platform. This is why such initiatives to fund and support the creators were taken.

Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket / Getty Images

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