After the latest update of iOS 14.5 that might affect the advertisement business of Google and Facebook, Apple has introduced its own paid ads unit to App Store search results

When Apple introduced the latest update of iOS 14.5 with ATT (App Tracking Transparency) feature that could prevent the advertisers from presenting the personalized ads unless the users enable the advertisers to track their data. Facebook had a feud with Apple due to these privacy changes because that could adversely affect the business of small advertisers especially. Advertisement companies knew that most of the iOS users would never allow the advertisement companies to track their data and that could significantly impact the efficacy of ads run by the advertisement companies such as Google, Facebook, and other advertisers as well because they will not have the sufficient data as a result.

According to a report, almost 6% of the iOS users from the US and 15% from all over the world have allowed the advertisers to track their data. At the same time, Apple company has recently introduced its own paid ads unit to Apple search, and the collection of data will be done by Apple’s own tracking of what the iOS users do in the apps, which program they like to watch on Apple TV, and what type of apps they have downloaded and installed in Apple’s devices. Apple said that it only depends on its own collection of data and it does not want to share that data with the advertisement companies. The company further said that the main difference in its tracking is it does not target the individual users as other advertisement companies do, rather it targets a group of almost 5,000 users with the same interests.

MobileDevMemo highlighted that the platform of Apple is broad, so if Apple relies on its own data that will still become a large amount of personal data and this will ideally not different from that data that Google collects with the help of its Chrome browser for their own search and web, and that data is based on the interest of the users. The main discriminator is whether the data is distributed to other advertisement companies or not, MobileDevMemo further pointed out that this just boosts the incentive for advertisement companies to extend their reach to accumulate first-party data from you.

MobileDevMemo said to the users to not get amazed when they hit the Apple search to watch an ad for Capital one Loan if they have followed the Frugal Podcast.

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