YouTube Working on Three New Features That Will Possibly Launch in A Few Weeks

YouTube is one the most used video search engine when it comes to video watching and such a large user growth and usage motivates the company to make necessary changes used to improve the application and make the space as user friendly as it can get. The company keeping this in mind has introduced three new features in their application so that users can have a better experience online and they can enjoy streaming and watching videos more.

The first new change which will be brought about is the changes in video descriptions. This is still an experimenting change under process which is yet to be finalized. The company announced last October that they were moving the video descriptions in a separate column or panel like the ones they have for comments so that it is easier for the users to access it. As a part of this experimental change the company will be adding new sections like chapters and featured games as well as will be changing and experimenting on how the text in the description appears to you. The text you write for a video on your channel will still appear at the top but to a viewer it will not be fully displayed, a part of it will only be displayed by default and users will have to tap on it to open it to read the entire thing, tapping on which will lead the viewers to the new column or panel fixed for the description.

The second experimental change under testing is the feature called Explore which will soon be hopefully hitting desktops. The explore option is already on YouTube mobile applications but it was not seen on the desktop versions but things are changing for that as well. The explore feature will show you trending videos and artists on the rise as well as hit you up with videos it thinks are of your type depending on the videos you have watched previously. It will also suggest you all the latest videos it thinks you will like.

The third experiment, as per creator insider. is pretty dope if you ask us. It is called “Watch YouTube on Twitter” and it seems like a collaboration between the two tech giants. The feature will allow a small percentage probably one percent of people iOS specific only from different regions who are under testing. They when click on YouTube video links on Twitter will be able to watch the videos directly there through the YouTube embedding player.

It is nice to see YouTube experimenting stuff every now and then and taking suggestions from its users so that it can improve the quality and working of its application for the better and we cannot wait to see what else will it offer its audience in the future.

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