Facebook has imposed strict legal action against the sale of Counterfeit goods across all of its platforms

Counterfeit goods are basically products of low quality or goods that are made or sold under another company’s name without permission from the actual brand. The sale of counterfeit goods has become more common than expected, as it wasn’t actually believed that so many people will become gutsy enough to start making money out of this. To protect the platform and decrease the sale of counterfeit goods to help in the evolving of the eCommerce business, Facebook has launched new legal action in collaboration with Gucci over the sale of these counterfeit goods on its platform.

Facebook has said that the multinational company and Gucci have actually sued an individual in the United States District Court, Northern District of California for over stepping on the policies set by Facebook and Instagram and for breaking the law of Gucci’s intellectual property rights. The individual that has been sued actually set up multiple accounts on both Facebook and Instagram to not get caught and continue the sale of counterfeit Gucci products. The most disadvantage these counterfeit sales bring is that when people buy something from such platforms thinking that these products are form the actual brands at a low price, they trust those products into buying them and when of course due to the low quality the product doesn’t come out as expected the actual brand gets backlash.

For the first time the tech giant has imposed some lawsuit against this and it comes off as an expansion to its legal enforcement efforts to help reduce the toxicity in the app due to such activities. The lawsuit also tells that Facebook is aiming towards growing the eCommerce business and wants to ensure that for this the platform is safe from all sides to do business in. Facebook has also launched an update to the Commerce and Ads IP Tools which will allow businesses to upload an image of their products to first go through Facebook and Instagram’s content to make sure there are not any counterfeit listings of that product. This makes it an important step for Facebook in order to make sure that its platform can be safe for both businesses and buyers and the products sold on the platform are all authentic. This also of course provides a new means through which brands can protect their products on the platform and with the new legal action imposed by Facebook not many will dare to take this risk of misusing the platform for counterfeit goods sale.

The legal action will for sure help Facebook into setting up boundaries in the app for in-app purchases and sales.

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