Twitter Survey Reveals User Optimism About Post Pandemic World

While the pandemic has already done a lot of damage to the world, things are finally starting to look up. Vaccines are being rolled out and in a lot of cases people are getting the chance to return to normal life which is great because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up helping the world go back to where it was not all that long ago.

It is important to note that in a lot of instances the pandemic is still something that we will have to think about for the long term, and understanding how people are perceiving their post pandemic lives can be an important aspect of figuring out how they tend to operate in this new environment.

According to a survey recently conducted by Twitter involving about a thousand of its users, the general consensus seems to be rather optimistic. The respondents to this survey revealed that they planned to do some pretty big things once the pandemic is over and done with such as starting a business, getting married or potentially even having children.

Twitter users tend to be offering a different perspective on their lives after the pandemic which is the sort of thing that a lot of marketers are probably going to want to pay a little bit of attention to. For starters, they are over twice as likely to get a new job after the pandemic, and 50% more likely to think about buying a new car. Having a child or buying a house are also more likely for Twitter users according to the results of this survey.

The survey also indicates that Twitter users are thinking of making a lot of changes. 23% of respondents said that they are looking to change their insurance providers as compared to only 12% of non-Twitter users. The same increase can be seen for banks and the like too. What all of this essentially means is that Twitter might just end up being the single best place for businesses to invest their digital marketing resources into.

Now, a lot of this might need to be taken with a grain of salt. After all, this was just a survey of a thousand people which is not exactly a massive number. Still, it does provide a bit of food for thought for marketers and the like all of whom would be really interested in seeing where things go from here. If Twitter users are truly this different from the mainstream then the game could end up changing rather quickly.
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