Facebook Is Rolling Out Handy Features For Businesses, Learn About Them Here!

Facebook is among one of the most widely used social media platforms throughout the world and it is used by a wide bunch of users for various purposes. Like having a normal Facebook account on which you can share what you are up to and see what are your friends doing in their life. Apart from this Facebook has a business suite as well which is used by both small and large businesses to keep the world updated about what they are doing and how the public can benefit out of it. In both these account settings Facebook brings about changes often. Changes so that the tech giant is updated with the evolving technology and also so that the application remains a user friendly place for their audience and some new changes have been recently rolled out in Facebook’s Business Suite.

This is some great news for Social Media Managers because their life has gotten so much easier by the launch of these new feature. What are the new features? Read on below.

Facebook announced recently some additional features in its Business Suite management platform which includes stories scheduling for both Facebook and Instagram, along with a new business discovery process from the News Feed.

Let us start with the bigger news out of the two because this one is surely going to win the hearts of many social media managers as it will make their story posting so much easier without them having to sit round the clock for the perfect timing. This feature is none other than “Story Scheduling.”

This new feature will enable users to compose and schedule Facebook and IG Stories within the planning element in the newest business management platform of Facebook Suite. This means that the feature will allow you to upload a post and schedule a time for it to go live and you are good to go. The applications will post your stories on the exact time you have set without you having to be present there. This is a real ease for social media managers because now they will not have to wait for the time on which they are meant to post the story because they can simply schedule it beforehand. Previously story schedule was not a thing and though some third party tools were there that could help you do it they were not as great as the feature in app could provide. So kudos to the social media companies for such a great feature.

Another great feature related to stories that Facebook and Instagram has launched is that they will allow you to save your stories as drafts. This means you can prepare and save your stories in the draft for future use. You do not have to set a time for it because you can simply open it up and post it whenever you like. Something similar to your tweet drafts on Twitter.

Stories are the new trend and brands are more inclined towards it as they are quick to upload and are more accessible to the user and have a more view rate than normal posts according to some companies.

The second great feature that the tech giants are bringing about is that the tech giant is adding a new business discovery element, via related Page recommendations below posts in the News Feed.

This means that the application will show you posts or sponsored posts of your interest tapping on the related content of which you can be led to similar content of the same topic which the applications think you may like. For example, if you tap on the content material of a restaurant posts you will be led to a separate news feed page which will display all the restaurants and deals you may like.

Facebook has been trying to work topic-based recommendations into the News Feed for years, even testing out separate, topic-aligned News Feed listings at one point. This new approach is slightly different, in that it focuses on business discovery, and is more related, in this respect, to Facebook's broader e-Commerce push via Shops and other tools.

Apart from this some other features are being rolled out as well.

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