With time, older users are getting more active on TikTok according to the insights provided by the social network itself

ByteDance’s video sharing social network, Tiktok, which is a platform that allows the user to make a variety of short videos from different genres. These videos can range from 15 seconds to one minute. The application was initially launched in 2016 and within a short period of time, it had attracted a large audience and most of them were young users and soon it started to become a trend and now not even the elder community is staying behind.

Watching these young users, the older community also got interested and became much more active on the platform as well. This activity from the older users was recently published by Tiktok giving an insight to this situation. According to the data shared by Tiktok, it tried to highlight how exactly the platform is used by the older people and how different brands and advertising companies can utilize this trend and can boost up their campaign performance , this can be possible if the marketing companies are well aware of the potential of Tiktok when it comes to reaching out for parents.

According to Tiktok, millions of parents, teens and even grandparents use Tiktok everyday to share a fragment from their day to day life. And the most differentiable feature is that sometimes the whole family is involved and no-one backs off not even the teens. According to Tiktok, previously it was considered a challenge to gather everyone for a picture but now thanks to this application, the platform gets to see a dance routine that is perfectly choreographed by the family including the grandma as well.

It is true that the app is getting much more attention from the older users as well, but still they are not active in almost every topic or trend going on Tiktok, instead much of this interaction from the older community is found to be centered around certain trends only. These topics were highlighted by Tiktok, the list includes #family , which is the most popular trend with up to 67 billion views, #momsoftiktok and #dad are the second and third most popular trend with 44B and 25B views respectively. Other hashtags includes #familytime , #parenting and #momlife respectively. That’s not all, the remaining tags that are also present includes the content uploaded by many parents in which they share their daily life hacks, tricks and some in depth knowledge. Not only this has become a trend and an entertainment source, sharing such hacks and tricks also plays an important role in product recommendations.

According to Tiktok, based on age group, two separate types of elders are present, those who are not parents and those who are of the same age but are parents. Most of the content created by parents includes stuff related to their home, appliances, their businesses, cars , preferred grocery products including snacks.

Tiktok is still dominated by young users and may not be the perfect platform for reaching out to the older users, however the diversity it holds at some points is valuable for some marketing and advertising companies, they can use it for recommending their products through users short video clips. Tiktok is about to cross its 1billion Users and is at an edge rivalling Instagram. The app is still attracting many users day by day and has already become an important platform.

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