With the help of new tools, Instagram users can now shield themselves from abusive DMs based on specific words, emojis

Now many people habitually try to bully other people on social media platforms and due to this reason, the number of harassment cases on social media platforms is increasing day by day. Many platforms like Twitter have provided the option in which you can limit the audience about who can comment on your post. Facebook and its owned apps like Instagram are also trying to handle this issue because sometimes, it is making life miserable.

Instagram introduces tools through which its users can protect themselves from trolling, bullying and harassment in DMs, and in message request when the unknown person sends you messages including a new set of words, phrases, and emojis that could gesture abusive content. This will include some normal misspellings of those key terms that people mostly use to trick the filter tool. What more interesting about this new tool is, once the user blocks the suspected person, he cannot find you even through new accounts? This tool will help a lot to reduce the number of harassment cases on Instagram because many people use different accounts to target some users.

This tool can even protect the rights of children using Instagram as there were many allegations on Facebook for not taking action against child abuse on its platforms. The blocking feature is rolling out live in upcoming weeks and the feature to filter out abusive content in DM will be live in the UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Instagram will launch this filter tool in more countries of the world in the near future. However, this feature will be introduced on Instagram now, not on other popular direct messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. Facebook said that it is planning to launch it on Messenger soon but it is not confirmed yet whether it will launch it on WhatsApp or not.

Instagram said that the feature to filter out abusive content based on common words and emojis that Facebook has collected with the help of anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations, further you can add the emojis by yourself and for the information of users it will be turned on proactively rather than by default. This feature will live in settings>privacy>hidden words for those who want to start the check. There are many third-party services that provide different tools to filter abusive content but it is good to see these platforms building these tools on their own as Facebook said that it reviews every content that are reported and it will gather these large data that triggers content blocking.

Facebook has taken a smart move of deactivating any account for breaking the rules, will deactivate any new account that has been created whenever it will find out.

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