New Super Mention sticker and new Star War theme are under work and will be arriving soon on Instagram

Facebook owned social media giant, Instagram is customizing the app with new stickers for Instagram Stories and introducing new background theme based on Star Wars to enhance the interface for getting more engaged through this platform.

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher was the first to explore these new features and posted a tweet about it on his Twitter profile. He discovered the new sticker with “link” written on it which is still in it development stages. It is expected that this sticker will finally be able to give the users an access to the links being pasted on an Instagram Story and the story uploader can easily manage the spot where they want the link to be present. Previously, the swipe up link did not support such access. Not only this but this swipe up link was only available for people with more than ten thousand (10k) followers. Hence it could be expected that the time of the link being available at the bottom of the screen is finally over and the link can now be seen within the frame provided by Instagram.

After pasting the link, the visuals created by the user can finally grab the attention of the story viewers towards the highlighted link by framing it with GIFs, stickers , story mentions etc. However, it is ahead of time to think how exactly this Link sticker will work because as mentioned above it is still in its development stages and is under test this is why the question that if the link sticker will also be available for people with less than ten thousand followers, hence it is better to wait and watch how the things will be done.

Another sticker that was spotted by Paluzzi is the “Super mention” sticker. Again the agenda behind this sticker is not clear however it seems to be linked with donation tools for creators on Instagram. This is because of the shopping tag present on this sticker giving it a possibility that this could help users to be able to get recognition from influential creators or users of this platform. The addition of this sticker could also be linked with the badges given out by Instagram through live streaming which started back in October. These badges were available for different prices with variety of ranges and would be displayed during any live stream joined by that badge holder.

This badge also tells about those who donated the most to their favorite creators, the more they donate the more heart icons will be present right next to the comment and can enhance the chances of getting a response from them. Similarly, super mention will work on the same way. Those who donated the most , their stories will be more likely to get a response from the mentioned account, still it hypothetical and is yet to be cleared.

And lastly, a new theme based on famous Star Wars will be arriving for Direct Messages. It is expected to be out by 4th May. It is not a big update since last year Instagram already introduced some new themes in the Direct Message section but it could be possible that if it gets sponsored, other movies will also get their themes to be available on Instagram.

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