Twitter is now able to support 4K images attached in Tweets

The microblogging platform, Twitter has finally decided to introduce the 4k upload and display for its users.

After running this feature through a limited number of users and receiving positive results, the application took it to its official Twitter page and tweeted that the time to upload and view the high resolution pictures with 4k display is here. And is available for both tech giants including iOS and Android. Currently, only the desktop version of Twitter holds the power to upload and view pictures with high resolution number which is (4096×4096), whereas for mobile phone users, the limit was set the half. Which means that the resolution supported by mobile phones is 2048×2048. Previously, this year, the option to upload 4k image was made available to some users and after receiving a whelming response, it was all set to be available for everyone.

The tweet posted by the Twitter itself also said that in order to access this new 4k feature, the user needs to update there high image quality preference from the user’s mobile data setting. Users can also manage the settings by selecting whether they want the higher resolution images being enabled for both mobile data and WIFI or just WIFI , or completely disabled by the user. In the same way Twitter handles the auto playing videos and higher resolution.

The new feature is not just about uploading a 4k supported picture, instead it can also be viewed by users from their mobile phones. However, a limited number of these smartphones are actually able to host a 4k support image, normal devices will not be able to give the potential output. A number of phones that are available can support (1920×1080) display which is almost the quarter of 4K screens. This number can go up with the increase in size of the screen. Some Flagship Phones including Galaxy S21 Ultra from Samsung have a higher Quad HD version that is (2560×1440) resolution screen meanwhile Apple’s iPhone holds their own resolution ranging between Full and QHD (2532× 1170 , iPhone 12). No matter what, these phones are still below the 4k threshold and cannot support any 4k image in its full capacity. Not having a 4k supported phone does not mean that the update is useless, the user can still post their work from computer and the fans with 4K supported mobile phones can enjoy the posted picture.

This new addition of 4k supported platform is very beneficial for advertisers as well as photographers. These photographers can now upload a higher quality work for better representation of their clicks. Similarly for advertising companies, higher resolution images can give a professional look to the products being advertised through the visuals from Twitter.

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