Twitter Confirms Testing for “Undo” Tweet but It Will Be Among the Paid Features

Twitter is testing a new feature for its users, but this time it's a paid option.

People have been asking for an edit button on Twitter for their Tweets for the longest time and though Twitter did not come up with an actual edit button they are working on the next best thing to it. Evidences have been appearing that Twitter is working towards an “undo” button. One App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong saw a subscription screen attached to it and this means that the feature will be a paid one. A survey was conducted by the Twitter company to ask people what sorts of features will they be willing to pay for and it was confirmed that this feature is indeed under testing conditions. Which means Twitter received a positive response from their community about this undo feature.

For what we know as of now is that this feature will be or is up until now limited to the subscription services because this will give a bit of a time margin before officially updating a tweet in case you realize that this will be a bit of controversial and you want to stay out of trouble.

In other words, this is not exactly the edit button what people have been asking for from Twitter but it is something similar to the undo send button on your Gmail which allows you to cancel a sent email within a specific period of time before it is officially sent. Similar will be the case for Tweets you can delete them off before they are posted and seen by the world. So it is not an edit button but it is something near to it.

Twitter hasn't said if the feature will be limited to paying customers — it’s possible it’s not far enough along in development for that decision to have been made yet. Twitter has recently introduced some great features and is working towards more and we cannot wait to see what else it has in stock for its users. Stay tuned to find out.

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