Twitch has removed over 7.5 million fake bot accounts from the platform by using machine learning technology

We all are now aware of the fact of how much of an impact a content creator’s profile can get just by the number of followers. It is how these content creators all over the world get deals and opportunities to collaborate with other high end brands. Twitch, is an live streaming service and is one of the most popular and widely loved platforms for gamers and influencers. The platform greatly pays a huge deal to the number of followers an account has and the level of views the videos on that account get.

Due to the demand that this platform makes for all of its content creators to have a huge following, has led to a number of fake and bot accounts on several channels. This has led to a huge amount of fake engagement. It has been noticed that the follower and viewer count on Twitch is suddenly seeing a decrease in numbers. Users of this platform are wondering that what has happened so suddenly for this to occur.

In order to eliminate this fake engagement, Twitch has removed around 7.5 million fake accounts from its platform in a very short amount of time with the help of machine learning technology. The company has also issued a statement to this on their official Twitter account. The company says that they detected these fake accounts through their Artificial intelligence tech and will continue operating it, and that this had to be done to ensure a better platform for their users worldwide.

Twitch has also said that the users may see another wave of the number of followers dropping down by a huge margin because more accounts will be detected through the machine learning technology and will be permanently removed from the platform, a strict legal action might also take place because of this. Along with the follower count the view count will also obviously decrease leading to a decrease in overall engagement in the social media platform.

After a few days or weeks the platform will become steady once again for streaming and the users and content creators will then be able to see where they actually stand on the platform based on their real followers and viewers count.

Photo: Elijah Nouvelage / Reuters

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