Twitch And Facebook Gaming On The Rise During And Post Pandemic

StreamElements along with its analytics partner company, have recently released their “State of the Stream” report for the month of February and the results are once again showing that live-streaming platforms have been the absolute winners throughout the pandemic.

As unique as this document is, possibly the biggest revelation made through this report resides in the hours watched category as according to it, both Twitch and Facebook Gaming saw an 80 percent increase on a year over year basis.

Diving further deep into that, Twitch precisely has enjoyed an 82 percent increase in hours watched whereas Facebook Gaming grew up by 79 percent. Moreover, Twitch had 1.8 billion hours of watch time in February and Facebook Gaming also rose up to 400 million hours.

For comparison with March 2020 - Twitch cleared 1.1 billion watch hours and Facebook Gaming after its rise last April completed 291 million hours watched.

However, with that being said, both of these numbers are less as compared to the performance of platforms in January, but that can also be because of the fact that January is a longer month than February. All in all, the total number of people watching live streams has significantly gone up during the global coronavirus pandemic.

It would be interesting to see if the numbers will remain the same or closer to the rise once the pandemic is over and the world gets back to normal because now users see it as a good form of entertainment.

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