Report: Zoom is planning to introduce Email and Calendar to compete with other giant companies

If we talk about the current situation, work from home has become the new normal since then pandemic began. Various video meeting apps are commonly used. Not just for office meeting purposes but rather being eager to see your loved ones, though from a distance the video meeting apps are playing a major role in uniting us all on video calls. Zoom is an American firm that is working to provide an easy-to-use app, to communicate with your loved ones without any barriers. The app which was introduced on 21st April 2011, now has 300 million daily, active users. Additionally, the company won the award of “Best Company for diversity 2019” last year.

The increasing number of users and appreciation of efforts has always encouraged the Company to do better. As first reported by TheInformation - Zoom is planning to introduce two new features in the app: Email and Calander. The company said that the Email feature will soon be available to you in the upcoming year.

Rumors have spread regarding Zoom adding features like email, messaging, and video calling on the single platform. Just like Google Meet and Microsoft teams, this new feature is expected to bring a lot more users to Zoom. The email feature is added to let the users coming, even after the pandemic is over.

Additionally, before this news was made official, the Company was already working to introduce Email to the app. There are high possibilities for the introduction of the calendar feature after the Email feature has been released.

The intention behind the rolling-out of this new feature is that the company wants to succeed and be in a better position than its rival firms in the future. These two features will help businesses in growing thus will bring users to the app. The update will be a lifesaver for Zoom, as it will be used the same way after the pandemic, as it is used now.

The company has also been working with third-party businesses like Asana and Dropbox. However, the sad news is that the technology experts suggest that if the project fails to impress users, Zoom will have to face tough times from its competitive companies like Google and Microsoft.

The own mail feature might seem like the company is imitating Google, nonetheless, the Company said that it is working on how to bring innovation in emails.

It is yet to see how well will be the feature work to assist businesses in scheduling their meetings, sending documents through emails, and video calling for meetings on the app.

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