Google and its parent company Alphabet have earned three times more than they did last year in the first quarter

It looks like no matter what’s going on in the world. Things have been going extremely well for Google and its parent company Alphabet, who according to the financial results of the first quarter have been able to earn about 18 billion dollars in just the span of three months.

The parent company of Google, Alphabet was able to earn three times as much as it did last year in the first quarter. The company has achieved a net profit of 17.93 billion dollars and last year at the same time and position, the net profit of the company was 6.84 billion dollars. There was a 34 percent increase in the revenue of the first quarter, with the revenue of this year being 55.31 billion dollars. The American multinational company earned around $26.29 greater than what was expected which was $15.82 per share.

Revenue from Google Cloud too got a huge raise, from 2.77 billion to 4.05 billion. Quite frankly, the major area from where Alphabet earns the most money is through Google Search and YouTube ads. Most of the profits that the company earns are through these platforms. This year, Google search was able to bring in profit that is around 30.2 percent more than what it achieved in the first quarter in 2020. Google search brought in 31.9 billion dollars profit to the company. If Google Search earned this much profit then so did YouTube, YouTube ads were able to make 6.005 billion dollars profit to the 4.04 billion dollars it made last year. This increase is about 48.6 percent which of course helps the company in more ways than possible. Google has even hired new employees from all around the world, the numbers being 17,000.

Through all of this we can say that when everything around the world was facing some kind of loss due to the global pandemic, Google still put its game face forward along with helping people against this deadly virus too. Google and Alphabet have beaten every target from last year and the numbers of the profit gained tells that as well. If Google was able to achieve this in just the first quarter, then what comes with the company during the rest of the year is to the question. If Google manages to keep up with this progress, then the rest of the year for sure looks exciting not only for the company but for us to see too. The company has gone beyond every expectation this year and this too in only three months!

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