TikTok is going to open a Transparency center in Europe that will deal with the questions about how it approaches content moderations and security issues

TikTok gained much popularity in just a few years even after getting banned in India and huge threats from the administration of the US government. However, there are still certain issues regarding the content moderation of the platform that need to be dealt with. Therefore, TikTok has decided to open a Transparency center in Europe where the experts will show the details about how the platform approaches the content moderation and recommendations, and they will also deal with the questions regarding the security of TikTok and the privacies of the users. After opening a transparency center in the US prior year, TikTok will open a similar named The European Transparency and Accountability center and it is committed to providing transparency regarding the issues with the content of the platform and security issues.

TikTok will also reproduce the structure of its advisory council in Europe this March with a different combination of experts, just like it is fully reproducing the US approach with a dedicated European TAC. So far, TikTok has said that more than 70 experts have participated in the digital tour of the US where they have learned the details regarding the operations, safety, and security policies. This platform has already faced many investigations regarding content issues as the popularity of the platform has increased a lot. The lawmakers, civil society, and other regulators have some concerns regarding the child safety and security of data of users. The Italian data protection regulators made an urgent intrusion after the sudden death of a native girl who was participating in the content challenge of the platform, TikTok has confirmed that it will recheck the age of all the users on its platform in Italy as a result.

This transparency center will initially work as a virtual center but TikTok is planning to open a physical center in Ireland owing to the ongoing pandemic situation, where it bases the regional headquarter in 2022. EU lawmakers and regulators have recently projected a path of updates to digital regulations that look set to dial-up importance on the accountability of AI systems, including the content recommendation engines. The draft AI regulation offered by the commission last week also suggests an absolute ban on the subconscious use of AI technology to control the behaviour of people in such a way that could be dangerous for them and to others. The other component of the EU’s draft AI regulation establishes as a prerequisite for human surveillance of high-risk submissions of artificial intelligence. However, the AI regulation is just a part of the commission’s platform-focused policymaking. The UK is also working on its own Online Safety Regulations as there are many regulatory rules for a platform like TikTok to conform within Europe.

TikTok’s head of trust and safety says that TikTok has more than 100 million users in Europe, and TikTok wants to gain the trust and credibility of the users, as the TAC will help the people to understand the processes and policies of the platform and we welcome experts from across Europe to our TAC.

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