Facebook responds to the launch of the latest iOS 14.5 updates with a pre-emptive pop-up message

Facebook had many concerns regarding the latest update of iOS 14.5 due to the reason that Apple gave the option to its users whether to permit the advertisers to track their data or not and many advertising companies including Facebook were quite sure that these users will never permit them to track their data. Facebook said that Apple is making this policy to harm small businesses. Now, As Apple is determined to launch this update, Facebook said in an updated Newsroom post that pre-emptive iOS 14 reminders it gave the details in February are now launching. As soon as the iPhone users are installing the new update while having the Facebook and Instagram apps on their devices, they are seeing notifications from Apple about whether they want to permit those applications to track them across apps and websites which are owned by other companies.

If the users restricted to grant access to Facebook and to other companies to track their data that can certainly affect their businesses because they will have fewer data to have the information about the activities of the users. Facebook’s notification will accompany the prompt of Apple and provide additional information on why and how the social media network uses people’s apps and website happenings. Facebook said in a post that providing extra informational context is allowed therefore, Facebook will show a notification to aware people before presenting Apple’s prompt, that will help them know how their data is used by these social networks, it is possible that they make an informed decision and allow the companies to track their data, as it was reported a couple of weeks ago that 48% people are ready to grant the access to social network to track their data.

This supplementary context will provide more details to the users about how their data is used in personalized ads as well as Facebook confines the use of activity that other websites send to it if people don’t turn on this device setting, the screen of Facebook will also tell people that they will see the prompt of Apple due to its requirement of iOS 14.5. The notification of Facebook will also let people know that most businesses are run on personalized ads to reach their customers so they need to support them. Facebook is hopeful that more people will grant access to the advertisers.

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