Amid 2019 Privacy Scandal, Tim Cook gave Mark Zuckerberg an upsetting suggestion to delete all the data that his company collected from third party apps

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg have an ongoing dispute for quite some time. The two social media giant CEOs never seem to agree on one page and the tension between the two always seems to be increasing with every meeting. Recently, it came on the news that Apple with its iOS 14.5 update had directly pointed out on Facebook. The new iOS update is developed to allow their users to either opt for in app tracking or not on other apps and websites. If the users do not allow the apps to track their data, then Apple will simply block those apps. This will cause a huge loss for Facebook if iOS users stop the app from tracking their activities.

According to The New York Times, there was a private informal meeting held on the sidelines of major tech and social media executives organized by the investment bank Allen & Company in July of 2019 in Sun Valley, Idaho. The meeting was an attempt for the two CEOs to somewhat repair their differences. Mark Zuckerberg asked Tim Cook’s advice on how to deal with user privacy issues which experienced a fall out in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal and how he would deal with it. The scandal that occurred was a data scandal where the personal data of 50 million of Facebook users without their consent was obtained by the British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica to use for political advertising during the 2016 presidential election. In reply to that, Tim Cook told Zuckerberg that he should delete all the information that his company collects from third party apps, that is the information that is collected from other than Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. His reply shocked not only Mark Zuckerberg, but everyone else too. On an interview on TV, when Tim Cook was asked that what he would have done he was in Mark Zuckerberg’s position, he said that that he wouldn’t have reached to that position.

Even though Tim Cook went a little far with his reply, it doesn’t mean that whatever he said was wrong. Facebook does uses its app to track its users, even the activities of the users outside the app. Facebook then uses the data obtained from that for Facebook’s advertising which is one of the most important things from which the social media giant earns this much money.

Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg have always had issues over privacy concerns of their users. In 2014, Tim Cook by pointing towards Facebook even said that these social media giants earn most of their money by exploiting their user’s personal data and at the same time violating their users trust as well and that each one of us should be worried when using such apps.

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