The Google Phone App is now allowing users to record calls even from unknown numbers

Ever have to record phone calls? Or record phone calls that you get from unknown numbers? The Google Phone app released a feature last year that allowed users to record their phone calls. Now a new update to that feature is soon to roll out and is even seen in some devices which will allow users to automatically record phone calls, even from unknown callers. Recording phone calls can have numerous advantages, and no not just for weird reasons but some of these can have benefits which can help people in the long run too.

Recording phone calls can greatly help in businesses and as everyone must be aware, ever type of phone calls for businesses is very important, not only for the people running the business but for those who consume products from it as well. Recording a phone call may help people go through their employees’ telephone skills and listening to them can help greatly to know how the customer interactions is taking place and what improvements need to be done. Last year, Google added the call recording feature to its Google Phone app along with certain restrictions based on the user’s device and the region, now with bringing a new update to that feature, the Google Phone app is now allowing users to get their phone calls recorded automatically. Screenshots proving this feature of ‘Always Record’ on the settings were shared by XDA Developers by using the Google Phone app on a Xiaomi Mi A3 phone. The feature was spotted during an APK teardown at the starting of this year similarly to the way the original feature of recording calls was spotted.

The very first advantage which this feature brings is this that the user now will not have to click on the record button every time when making or receiving a phone call. Even though this feature has been rolled out and can be even seen in some devices, having this feature on different devices will completely depend on the region and the legal regulations, in some regions of the United States, laws related to recording calls have been passed as long as both the parties have passed down their consent to it. To be able to use this feature, open the Google Phone app and tap on the three-dot menu on the top right, then tap on Setting and go to ‘Call Recording’, you will see an ‘Always Record’ option and beneath that ‘numbers not in your contact’ option, just click on that and you are good to go!

Some people are not really comfortable with this feature and as creepy it may sound to them, this feature can prove to be really useful as well.

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