Facebook is working on another addition to its Up and Downvoting for comments in groups

Facebook started testing the Up and Downvoting the comment for the first time last year. Now for those who don’t know about what is Up and Downvoting in a comment. You can give feedback about the comment of anyone in the group which can bring that comment up or down in a discussion in groups (just like Reddit). This can be much helpful because it can bring the valuable comment on top and can also bring the bad comment at the bottom according to the feedbacks of the public. Facebook is now testing on additions of new badges that can be assigned to indicate the commenter about why you found their comment so valuable.

A Twitter user Johannes Van Zijl spotted this Up and Downvoting feature and it was also share by social media expert Matt Navarra, when rolled out publicly, users will get the notification about this feature. Facebook has also added a secondary explainer display alert for the people, where people can see that Facebook is working on some additional icons which you attach to your voting of comment that can be shared with the author. This basic aim for creating such icons and voting for comment is to encourage the activities of an author that their comment is helpful, relevant or educational and they should post more.

The new voting icons in the groups sections of Facebook will be more aligned to its work product and this can give a formal and complete overview of a comment. Where ups and down options already exist on posts of groups, though the description of Facebook about the icons is a little more open to clarification. Facebook's test of these icons appeared to be inspired by Reddit’s voting system. In the year 2018, Facebook worked on different options not only for general comments of groups’ posts but also on a couple of other formats. But after that Facebook did not focus on such options properly and ultimately, left that test abandoned. But now, Facebook knows the value of comment voting but there are issues about comment moderation on this platform and more valuable comments should be given more attraction and it can enhance the overall discussion.

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