Reddit is working on to improve the search experience for its users and has even hired more people for this

Reddit is a platform that hosts discussions on various topics that includes people from all around the world. The members of the site submit their content that includes links, images, videos and text posts, the content of the users is then either voted up or down by the other members. It is a network where news related to different topics goes viral; it contains web content rating and offers a lot more. The site has also included live streaming into its site through the Reddit Public Access Network.

Now like every other social media site at the moment, Reddit too is trying to find new ways and is also developing more tools that can increase engagement on the platform. The online forum is at the moment mainly focusing on its search option to make the experience for that more comfortable for their users. The platform when informing about this in a blog post said that they have actually increased the number of people that were working on to improve the search experience for their users to about twice as much. This shows how much the site is ready to put their all in with recruiting more people just to devote their attention on improving search experiences of their users.

Even though Reddit is putting forward a survey for their users to know which area of their search options lack in, but in order to improve the search experience, its engineers will be redesigning the whole layout of the search results page. They will be improving the understanding of everything that gets searched upon on the site, so that they can provide with results relevant to what the user searched for. Suggestions for misspelled searches will be included along with that improvement in ranking algorithms on posts will be made more relevant, and searching within a community on the desktop version of the site will see an improvement too. Users will be allowed to evens search for comments, and the search suggestions which appear on the search bar will be made better too.

Along with making the search experience better for their users, it is also on the news that Reddit is on a constant effort to improve its notifications experience as well and is actually testing out a change for push notifications where the notifications are sent on the basis of how many times the user has received notifications in the span of 24 hours. The site is also working on to test these new features that will apparently help set up communities and grow them.

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