After animals and cars, Google Search brings Pac-Man, Hello Kitty and several other characters into its interactive AR objects library

Google has extended its 3D augmented reality feature in mobile search with the inclusion of 14 new Japanese characters including Pac-Man which the most searched anime character on tech giant and the number one country for Pac-Man searches is Peru, followed by Hello Kitty but its search number was almost less than half of Pac-Man and other like Gundam, Ultraman, and Evangelion, and many more are characterized in their 3D form.

Google has taken these characters from the well-known pop culture franchises in Japan. For the past few years, Google was adding 3D models for various animals, dinosaurs, insects, and planets, and other types of educational kinds of stuff.

Users can view these characters when they are searching by their names on Google app on Android and iOS devices but these types of content can only be viewed on such devices having Android 7 and iOS 11 or above, and only AR Core enabled devices will be able to view this content.

These characters can be searched on several degrees of scale and users will also have an option to render them at life-size, even they can put them in their home environment as Google has posted a video that is made with the help of Google’s AR technology using the camera view of the mobile device. Just search these characters on the Google app or its browser and scroll until you get the animated card inviting you to launch the experience ‘’in your space’’. The main attraction of users will always be putting them in their environment to make videos of memorable or viral moments.

Google has been working for the past few months to boost its abilities on its search engine to help many students, parents, and teachers to improve their learning experience by screening answers for tough Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics thoughts. The Google search will elaborate chemical formulas with the help of equations and 3D graphics as these are the measures of Google L.E.A.R.N. this is not it Google has been testing the AR in other places too like the additions of walking AR directions in Google Maps but this is still restricted to specific malls and Airports but the planning of this company is that the digital directions are coated over the users’ real-world images in Live view feature.

There are 14 characters available in total including, Ultraman Pac-Man, Gundam Evangelion, , Ultraman Zero Hello Kitty, Kogimyun Xi Gundam, Ultraman Belial Pompompurin, Taiko Master Gundam Penelope and Gomorra Little Twin Stars.

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