Twitch viewership has more than doubled, jumping from 3.1 billion hours in the first quarter of 2020 to 6.3 billion hours in the same quarter of 2021

Twitch the world’s leading live video streaming platform that focuses more on video game live streaming, where you can also chat with millions of fans from all over the world. If your plan mostly includes streaming on Twitch during the lockdown situation then you are far away from getting bored at home. A large number of people have found this platform more entertaining during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Streamlabs and Stream hatchet have found that the viewership of Twitch has more than doubled in the period of a year jumping from 3.1 billion hours in the 1st quarter of 2020 to 6.3 billion hours in the 1st of 2021. A huge flow came in spring 2020 when people were sent home during the lockdown but there’s been a largely stable growth, as there is almost a 16.5% increase from the previous quarter.

Other gaming video streaming platforms have not seen such a sharp increase as Twitch, YouTube Gaming has its own surge during the lockdown, but its views hours were shifted downward in the first quarter up to 1.37 billion hours, these watch hours are now lower than it was at the start of a lockdown situation, according to a search. Facebook gaming took the advantage to reduce this gap with a viewership of 1.06 billion hours that made it the smallest of the top 3 that showed stable growth that has not let up since the start of the 2020 spike. The main aim of these platforms is to promote live streaming which grabs more audience to this platform and people spend most of their time on these platforms. As, the interest in video and online gaming have also increased up to a great extent during the pandemic situation.

Twitch broadcasters have also become much famous during the streaming and some of them have also featured on the cover of ESPN which attracts more people to join this platform and increase the watch hours. However, some of the growth has also come from ‘’Just chatting’’ and it is the most frequently watch category on Amazon’s own service for the 2nd quarter and now it shows 12 percent of everything that people watch on the platform. Some popular games like Battle Royale and Free Fire have increased the viewership of YouTube gaming, and PUBG mobile attracted many people on Facebook.

According to a report, the viewership of Twitch will increase more as non-gaming creators and musicians have also flocked to the platform as an alternate for in-person concerts and discussions. Many gamers have used Just Chatting because of a reason they can’t socialize in person, so they make money from the virtual conversation.
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