Facebook Rolls Out New Feature to Help People Seek Emotional Health Support

It goes without saying that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have helped us in more ways than we can think of. However, literally, everything in this world has its pros and cons. And when you give everyone a platform to share their opinion and interact with others, some ugly results can surely transpire i.e. cyberbullying.

It’s not just about cyberbullying. There can be countless reasons why a person can find their mental health at an all-time low. And this is an issue Facebook aims to tackle, if its newest addition is any indication.

As per renowned social media app researcher, Jeff Higgins, Facebook has recently added a tab dedicated to “Emotional Health” in the menu. Jeff shared a couple of screenshots to explain what one should expect from this tab.

For starters, there are tips devised by experts to improve people’s emotional health on various fronts. From “living with loss”, “doing essential work”, and “managing substance use” to “managing stress”, “coping with anxiety” and more, you can get help with a variety of issues linked to your emotional well-being.

There is an option to “talk to someone now” for people in dire need of emotional support. In short, the main goal of this commendable addition to Facebook is to eradicate the stigma around mental health and ensure that everyone can access the right resources to get all the help they need.

Have you tried accessing this tab yet? If yes, have you found it helpful? Moreover, do you think other social media services should follow suit and roll out a similar option? Sound off in the comments!

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