New Insights By Pinterest Show An 80 Percent Boost On Travel Trends

It’s been more than a year since COVID 19 pandemic came and locked the entire world into their homes. Now slowly and gradually everything is coming back to normal and Pinterest has seen an immense rise toward the traveling-related content among the pinners. Probably most of the population got bored stuck in their homes and now just wanted to get a change of scenario as soon as everything returns back to normal.

According to the new insights by Pinterest, travel-related search is at an all-time high even if you look back at the time before COVID. Travel-related exploration on Pinterest increased up to 60% every year. And all those travel-related queries are now turning all the pent-up demand into real bookings.

With more than 459 million people using Pinterest. It has split the search into eight wings according to the audience’s preferences which will be a great help for the marketing and travel agencies as well as other onlookers.

GlobalWebIndex recently found out that 70% of consumers in the U.S./UK are planning for a vacation once the pandemic ends.

As Pinterest stated that as soon as COVID ends, many of you will get to see a new variety of travelers emerge. In Pinterest's data, they have picked out eight travel personas that are getting in trend for the travel marketers: Bucket Listers, Foodie Travelers, Memory Makers, Outdoor Junkies, Rural Tourists, Weekend Travelers, Culture Chasers and Digital Nomads.

Among these, the top three are Rural Tourists: who want plenty of space far from the city life, Outdoor Junkies: related to national parks, hiking, and surfing, etc. and last but not the least Digital Nomads: nomad trailers, campers, and small business starts who can go along with their businesses.

These personas have been added to the Pinterest ads manager that will be helpful for the platform along with other campaigns and businesses with a broader target and audience

Also, if we look back at 2019, the travel demand amongst people has escalated up to 40 percent. And this can prove to be an amazing opportunity for the travel marketers as well as the global economy to recover from the previous years’ loss.

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