Pinterest is all set to launch its ‘Creator Fund’ program that will be reportedly paying $500K to a small group of influencers throughout 2021

If there is one app that has managed to stay away from any controversies, it has to be Pinterest. Many find Pinterest to be a place that provides a toxic free and healthy environment for anyone to declutter their mind and browse through stuff that brings nothing but peace and calmness to the mind. The app, since its release has maintained a positive and aesthetic feed on every topic and no one can help but to praise it for it constantly being there to boost creativity or give ideas to many people out there while staying negativity free as well.

It may be noted that Pinterest is also the type of platform where influencers don’t really see themselves going up and earn money the way they do from Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. Pinterest is the least priority in that category, but the app is trying to change things in that vicinity for a while now. It was reported in September of 2020 that the app is introducing Story Pins and creator profiles into its platform that are basically to provide some more space to make it easier for the most highly followed profiles on the platform to show more of their content and build more following on the social media platform. Now to support more of their content creators, the app is planning to launch a ‘Creator Fund’’ program that will reportedly pay a group of influencers to make more content by using Pinterest as their primary platform. The amount the funding will be providing to the influencers is $500,000 and that too in cash throughout the year 2021. The group will be compromising of eight content creators who will be belonging from under-represented background, but to add more limelight to the program the app will be adding content creators from different backgrounds as well. Through this program, Pinterest is all set to become the latest app that is providing direct financial support to the people who have the potential in them to create meaningful content but just don’t have enough resources for it.

TikTok too, launched a program similar to this with an amount of $200,000 million last year and Snapchat too paid out many of its users to create more trendsetting content on the platform, but by comparing these platforms it still appears that Pinterest has a much broader perspective and plan.

Overall this is a much creative initiative by the app and the company has also said that through this the only aim that they are trying to reach towards to is to make this app becomes a platform that has content from different content creators belonging to different cultures and backgrounds.

H/T: Engadget.

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