Periscope, the live video streaming app is finally gone

Developed by Kavyon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, Periscope was a social media app that provides live video streaming in smartphones. It was launched in 2015 for both iOS and Android. After six years of its release, this popular live video streaming app is now bidding all of us farewell as it has been shut down by Twitter who bought Periscope in the same year in March of 2015 for $100 million before it even got released to the public. The app has also already been removed from both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Periscope was an overnight success that made its debut with another app called Meerkat, but Periscope was able to overshadow Meerkat with Twitter acquiring the app.

Twitter has announced that it will be shutting down Periscope soon in December of last year and now March 31st, marks the day that the app got shut down permanently, and no it is not an April fools prank.

Twitter when announcing this in a blog post said that the Periscope app bids farewell with a lot of gratitude for every content creator and viewer that brightened up Periscope’s community. Twitter when announcing this shutdown in December of 2020 said that the reason why they are shutting down the live video streaming app is due to the user interaction decline, and that the app hasn’t been receiving proper maintenance for a while now. The Periscope website however will stay online containing archived public broadcasts so that users can still go back and watch them. The users can still transfer their data from Twitter

The app after its released was considered as one of the most popular and widely used medium for live video streaming and that too, from a smartphone. Shutting down of Periscope in no way means that users can no longer do live video streaming as most of the features that were there on Periscope’s platform had been shifted to Twitter by a different feature called Twitter Live which will still be available for users to use. To start a live video streaming on Twitter, the user just has to tap on the Tweet composer icon, then tap on the camera icon and lastly select the ‘Live’ option from the bottom menu.

The team of Periscope is working on Spaces these days which is a new feature that Twitter will soon release for all users. This new feature will feature live audio chat rooms, for both Android and iOS devices. The team of Periscope has also told this to their users in their farewell post to stay tuned for more Twitter features like Spaces, newsletters and more improvements to the Live broadcasting.

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