Instagram Finally Introduces a Remix Feature in Its Reels Which is Similar to Give TikTok Some Tough Competition

Since TikTok took over the video creating world with its exceptional affects and entertaining content a lot of social media applications tried to create a similar feature on their apps which will give users the ability to create content to express themselves. Instagram created its Reels option just when TikTok was banned in some parts of the world, Instagram Reels is continuing to grow and improve and recently the application brought about new changes in the Reels.

Instagram introduced an option in Reels which is similar to the Duet option on TikTok and has called it “Remix”. The feature will allow creators to create a Reel alongside another already existing Reel. The feature will be useful when you want to create a reaction video of an existing video or want to recreate a popular video on the gram with your own version.

In order to use this Reel feature, all you will have to do is head onto the Reel you want to create alongside and select the three dots that appear on the top right side of the Reel and then choose the option “Remix the Reel.” The application for you to create a remix will place the already existing Reel on the right hand side and will let you record on the left hand side. Hitting on the record button will allow you to start recording and later you can add affects and transitions as you like on your side of the video. Sounds and editing is also enabled for you.

Instagram has not launched this feature as of yet as few minor finalizations are being done but it took it to its Twitter to announce the news of this new feature and it will be hitting globally in a short span of time.

The feature will be available for the newly uploaded Reels by default and in case you want to make a duet with a Reel uploaded before the feature’s launch all you will have to do is hit on the three dots on the right of your Reel and click on Enable Remixing. These remixed Reels will show up alongside all the other Instagram Reels on the Reels Tab in your profile.

Creators can see who is remixing with their Reels on their activity tab.

Instagram is a pretty popular social media application and it strives to do better by introducing new features every now and then. Instagram has always delivered the best it has to offer and it will continue to do so and we cannot wait to see what it has in store for its users.

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