LinkedIn’s Own Audio Chat Rooms Clubhouse Version Is All Set For Beta Launch

Clubhouse audio chat application, with its unique feature, has urged many social media giants to copy the idea, so far the so-called social media giant Facebook as well as Twitter has made a clone and have added audio chat rooms by the names of ‘Live Audio’ and’ Spaces’ respectively. Spotify, Telegram, and discord are also having their own audio-based networking.

Now the news is that Microsoft-owned company; LinkedIn has also joined the clubhouse clone marathon and is currently working on making the audio networking feature, which will help the platform grow more, and it is different from the other clubhouse versions because it will not only show the social profile but also the users' professional identity, with access to live video broadcasting, newsletters and stories.

As said by LinkedIn, as per the users’ and members’ requests, we have decided to add this feature to have more than one way for communication among the professionals.

Suzi Owens, a spokesperson for LinkedIn, while telling about the new audio feature’s development said that more than 50 percent increase has been seen in stories, posts, and videos. The feature is in the early testing mode right now since we are trying to add more appropriate audio features for users.

During the recent pandemic in a live event on LinkedIn, a total of 21 million people attended the conference.

The number of users in 2020 has reached to a massive 740 million people, and it is expected to increase because most of the people are still forced to work from home, foreseeing the situation that the COVID’19 virus is not going to go anytime soon, making the app dominant job finding the source, and leaving more space to grow.

The company and an app researcher have shared a conceptual UX mockup of the feature running on an iPhone which shows the professional profile of the speakers on the screen, a permission to speak button, etc. linked has also just recently announced of their creator mode, a brand new way to connect with others,

It is not yet confirmed as to when the feature will be officially launched but the news is that the beta testing will begin sooner than you think. Let us see who will be the next clubhouse competitor. Stay tuned.

Photo: Shutterstock / wichayada suwanachun

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