LinkedIn is working on a whole bunch of features to release soon for its users

LinkedIn is an app that is known to many and has helped thousands of people out there. Launched on May 5 of 2013. It is an American business and employment online service that works through mobile apps and websites. The platform allows potential job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post about job vacancies. The social media platform has around 750 million users and has definitely made its mark in the social media world. It is the first app where people go to list their places of work or get headhunted for work. With every other app coming with one thing or another with introducing features to help out their users and make the overall user experience as comfortable as possible. How can LinkedIn not do the same?

LinkedIn earlier announced that it will be releasing a whole bunch of exciting features in the coming month in order to help its users out more and also to increase the overall engagement on the platform. The first exciting feature that the company is planning to bring is ‘video cover story’, that will be like short videos as intros where people can talk a little about themselves and put that on live on their home pages. The second feature that is on the works to be rolled out soon is a new ‘Creator’ mode. This will prove to be more of a solid feature for freelancers on the social media platform with having a new Service page attached to the user’s home profile.

LinkedIn is also introducing a name pronouns option to be appear on user profiles, which will give LinkedIn users more ways to express their identity.

LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, these two multi-national companies are teaming up by announcing a new Teams based app called ‘Career Coach’ that is made specifically for students. The Al tools that are provided from LinkedIn through this Career Coach program will help the users identify which field they are mainly interested in and would like to make a career out of, it is linked with Microsoft so it will greatly help users into learning more content that can help with their respective journeys. This is another way of boosting the educational and training efforts of LinkedIn. The program was originally launched in June of 2020 due to the economical shift that dawned upon due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. LinkedIn along with Microsoft is offering free online training in 10 different professional fields. The program is getting extended to the end of 2021.

Microsoft and LinkedIn are now hoping that the number of employees that companies are hiring through this program will reach 250,000.

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